Who is this Miranda chick?

I have a thing for words, sparkly things and floral dresses. Media is a my passion as is popular culture and movies.


I am a magazine junkie (I have foregone buying dinner at times, choosing instead the latest glossy – it provided me with more nourishment, as per the words of Carrie Bradshaw).

I have danced in the mud at Splendor, suffered heat stroke at the Big Day Out and can’t survive without my weekly movie fix.

I exist on a steady daily diet of glossy magazines, trashy gossip rags, all things popular culture, as well as the finer literature the English language has to offer.

I am a lover of the lighter things in life, celebrities, gossip and such, but also dedicated to the search for life’s greater meaning and finding happiness in everyday moments.

I am a true and dedicated friend who is always up for a laugh.

And yes I have one leg.

When I was five, while learning to surf with my dad at Lennox Head and I was attacked by a shark. It ripped my right leg clean off.

No my Dad didn’t punch the shark in the nose, nor do I know how big it was and I don’t have it’s head on my wall as a trophy.

And between you and me this ‘shark attack’  story isn’t actually true but for many years it was the line I peddled to people when they asked about my  leg.

Growing up I never wanted to be seen as ‘the disabled girl’, in fact I still don’t.

I am so many things, female, brunette, occasionally funny, entertainment journalist, a good friend, a kind person and yes disabled.
I just want to be seen as this and not Miranda with one leg.

I don’t wish to be treated differently because I happen to be missing a limb. I don’t want your sympathy, pity or concern.

For me I don’t tend to think of it as defining my identity.

Growing up my Mum taught me that the only limitations my disability had on my life were those that I placed upon myself.

I have body-boarded, skied, rock-climbed, abseiled, kayaked and bushwalked and beat able-bodies kids at swimming carnivals.

On school camps the instructors would often eye my leg nervously and offer for me to sit the activity out.

‘I don’t think so’, I’d respond. I’ll give anything a go.

As a child and teenager I hated drawing attention to my disability. I found it hard to talk about my leg and would throw around the shark attack story to deflect the attention.

And yes there are obviously activities that I struggle with and can’t do but as a whole I haven’t let my leg, or lack thereof limit me.

The biggest struggle I face is the constant pain that comes from my artificial leg fitting incorrectly and rubbing (which is like the worst kind of blister and makes every step filled with excoriating pain).

But that is about to be a thing of the past. I’m about to embark on some amazing surgery called osseiointegration performed by the incredibly talented Dr Al Muderis that will see me having an implant in my thigh bone that will attach to my prosthesis. The implant will fuse with my bone and therefore when I work I will be using more of my own muscles. Essentially it will take away all the pain I endure on a daily basis and allow me to complete activities with greater ease.

This blog chronicles this journey.


4 thoughts on “Who is this Miranda chick?

  1. Gurl, u be a tru inspiration. Nex time ur at splendour and crowd gos Ossie, Ossie, Ossie, oy, oy oy! they could well be chanting 4 u…and stik with tha shark attak story, that sh*t rox! BTW u look madder than Sarah Connor and should make ur own terminator moovie! LOL

  2. Hi Miranda! I just found you on Instagram through Lorna Jane Noosa and thought I would check out your blog. I love your zest for life and your ‘give anything a go attitude’! Go girl! I look forward to reading more of your posts. Love your cover pic too, so cool 🙂 Tegan

  3. Hello

    Thank you for sharing your story on MNB. I love your vision boards. I have started to create a few for myself and my 8 yr old. Can you please share where you got all those quote cards from? They are all on different cards. It’s very inspirational.

    Thank you


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