Happy Anniversary Cyborg Leg

Six months ago to the day I took my first steps with my new hardware. Day by day yo can’t quite see the progress but looking back it is incrediable to see how far I have come. The difference is incrediable.

imageSix months ago four laps on the parallel bars was exhausting. A task akin to running a marathon. To celebrate my leg-a-versary Mum and I went for a four km walk. Something pre-surgery I would never have voluntarily done, let alone for fun.

And then dinner with the family at Supermex. The last time we were there I was legless. Not from too much sangria but rather I was on crutches two days out from my first surgery. There was a large flight of stairs to navigate and it was a mission.

Tonight the stairs don’t even factor in in the slightest.

That night nine months ago feels both a life-time ago and yet like it was only yesterday.

That Miranda nine months ago, or even six months ago had no idea what was coming which makes the prospect of my one-year anniversary even more exciting. Who knows what life has in store next…


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