I really must apologise. Things have been quiet on the blog front of late, so much so you would be forgiven for thinking The Girl With The Cyborg Leg had gone awol.

Perhaps you thought she had been crippled by the mysterious pain that ailed her when last we spoke. Or if she had been locked up in the mental health ward after getting hooked on pain meds and falling down the slippery slope of drug addiction.

I can assure you that neither is true.

It has just been a very hectic, challenging but ultimately exciting time for this beginner cyborg. The past two months have included a bust out of rehab, graduation from cyborg walking school, a tearful farewell, an embracing of self and cyborg status, more lessons learnt and a return to the real world as Miranda 2.0. Then came some completing of cyborg goals, falling out with a friend who couldn’t accept the cyborg that returned and a call from Totally Wild interested in featuring this cyborg in an upcoming episode.

It’s been a triumphant time, a time of great excitement and hope for the future. It’s also been an incredibly tough and challenging time adjusting to life on the outside.

But still I do have to apologize for the lack of posts of late.

Fear not, every feeling, thought and event has have been noted and the bones are there, they just need to be fattened up before public consumption.

You will be able to catch up on all the adventures, lessons and happenings very soon, cyborg promise.

Just like this learning to walk business, it will be worth the wait.


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