How About You Poke Fun Of My Hip While You’re At It?

Chris is still away so today I am working with one of the other male physios. I know he doesn’t mean anything malicious, it’s just his personality but he sure has a knack for sensing where my insecurities may lie and making me feel worse about them.

This morning he tells me my leg is the least fancy and “cool” looking compared to the others.

“What do you mean it doesn’t even have Bluetooth,” he says shaking his head with disappointment and disgust.


He then watches me walking and tells me I am walking like a “spastic” and does a gross exaggeration of my limp. Again I am reminded of the kids at school who would occasionally imitate the way I walked.

But that is not all. Next he tells me my knees don’t quite align and look funny. I explain what Dr Al Muderis said about my bone being too narrow to amputate any higher.

He still isn’t done.

“If I was an amputee I don’t think I would have this surgery,” he says gesturing to my leg.

Oh good, kick me further when I am down.

“It’s far too limiting. You can’t even run.”

I grit my teeth and force a smile.

Thanks buddy, any other flaws you would like to point out? How about my lack of hip or missing finger? Go on.


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