Temporary Freedom

Chris doesn’t work weekends and in the gym on Saturday it is just not the same. No one seems to care too much what I am doing whereas he is always ready to hand me the next piece of equipment or give me the next exercise.

They have also misplaced the magazines I need to help raise the scale up for my weight loading. The physio on can’t tell if I am the right height or not.

I sigh. Oh well, Chris will be back on Monday.

And I'm free

And I’m free

I am excited to get a day pass to leave rehab. Mum and I are going to the shopping centre for some retail therapy and to see a movie. My first movie in more than a week, this I am hanging out for.

The face off someone about to bust out for rehab...at least for a few hours

The face of someone about to bust out for rehab…at least for a few hours

I have a new dress and it feels good to straighten my hair and dress not in gym clothes. As I sign my release form I can’t stop the grin spreading across my face.

I want to crutch to the movies but Mum is nervous how far it will be. I resign myself to the wheelchair.

I hate feeling so helpless and disabled. In rehab despite the fact I am here because I have one leg, I feel less disabled than in normal life. In fact here I feel quite able and confident. Perhaps it helps that everyone else is so slow and old.

But the wheelchair turns out to be a blessing. The session is sold out but the wheelchair seat is free. And then when we return the next day the guy takes pity on the poor disabled girl and gives us concession tickets.

Maybe I should always go to the movies in a wheelchair.

While we are out I bump into Nat, the physio from Norwest Hospital.  She seems pleased to see me and thinks I am looking great. It must be a surprise for her to see me out of pajamas and in real clothes. She says she will try to stop by to see me walking. It would be nice to show off to her after she was so good with me in the early stages. I have been very lucky to have such great physios as Nat and Chris. Dr Al Muderis may do all the break-through surgery but they are there on the front line. It is Chris that is helping me day to day and who will be crucial in my walking success.

On Sunday the gym is closed so I do a two hour work-out with my weight loading, physio exercises, core work and weights in my room. The nurse comes in and says how good I am to be doing it on the weekend. Chris had said to try and fit in two weight loading sessions but I will do it properly and do three.

People may think I am obsessed with my exercise but I prefer to think of it as dedicated. I already have a weak hip and femour that might let me down when it comes to walking so I’ll be damned if I am going to let any other part of my body let me down.

When it comes to walking no matter what happens I want to know I have done my very best and everything I possibly could.


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