One More Sleep

Tomorrow is the big day. You only take your first steps twice after all.

This morning the physios are joking about an article Chris read that said good looking guys earnt more money. He jokes his looks should get him a raise.

They probably could you know.

But jokes aside, he is extremely good at his job. He is so good with the oldies, laughing and joking with them. And as he floats around the gym going from patient to patient he is always aware just what everyone is up to and when to pass them a piece of equipment or give them another exercise.

He also has this knack for getting people to open up and tell him their story. I think it is a technique so people will be distracted from the pain they are experiencing by chatting. It’s a good diversion therapy. Before you know it you have talked about yourself more than you might have intended to and you realize he hardly reveals much about himself without being prompted. Very few people have this knack. It is a real skill and he can read people in an instant. He would make an excellent journalist if he ever wanted a career change.

I ask Ali if she has picked out her outfit for her first steps tomorrow.

“I hadn’t even thought of it,” she says.

“Are you kidding? This is a big moment, this is something you will look back on forever!” I respond.

I suppose it’s not surprising I have put a lot of thought into this and have bought a new top for the occasion. Even as a cyborg I still love fashion.

Chris and the other physios tease me about being late to the leg fitting cause I will be doing my hair.

I don’t care if they think I am being shallow. This will be a huge day for me and nothing can take away my excitement.

Mum has given me an L plate to wear and Chris has fastened a string so I can wear it around my neck when I walk. I will be a learner cyborg after all.

Chris is concerned I am doing too much and tells me to promise to take it easy tomorrow morning as I will be standing for a lot of the afternoon and warns me it could be quite painful.

Tomorrow is the day. It doesn’t feel real. This is what it all comes down to. This is what the last four, five months have been building up to. Tomorrow I get a leg and walk.

Like trying to stuff a sleeping bag into a case too small I can barely control my excitement. But I am also a little nervous. Chris has mentioned it will be painful.

How will my hip go? How will it feel? Will my bone be able to handle it.

Like mist clearing all the unknowns the doctors have been talking about for months will be become clear. Tomorrow. One more sleep.

It almost seems inconceivable that it will be actually happening. Finally happening.

My first cyborg steps await.


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