Four Sleeps

Sleep is still eluding me. I struggle to fall asleep and I toss and turn uncomfortable with my hip throbbing in time with my heartbeat.

But I am so excited for the day. It’s one day closer to walking, I’m enjoying my interactions with the physios and now I have Ali here with me.

Cyborgs for life

Cyborgs for life

She calls me and I can hear her standing outside my door. She has been trying to find my room and laughs as she says she assumes it is the room where there is loud music blaring.

We stand at opposite ends of the bar for our weight loading and already at day two she is at 25kg. After a month I am on 40kg.

Chris teases me for not doing a second session of arms yesterday arvo. Right, challenge accepted. I will not have him thinking I am weak.

I am slightly better today at the triceps dips but my aim is to be as good as Chris by the time I leave. Walk and do dips, that is my goal.

I have also found a couple of exercises on instagram I want to master like single leg bridges on the swiss ball. Chris laughs and says we can try.

My core exercises have become quite easy so he keeps adding things to make it harder. I do sit-ups with 10kg weights and his eyes widen. This only spurs me on. There is nothing more motivating than beating someone’s expectations.

After an hour and a half he kicks me out.

“You’ve done enough, you don’t want to wear yourself out,” he says.

I feel great.

Two cyborgs loading

Two cyborgs loading

At the second session Ali has already increased the weight with her loading. Her physio says she is accelerated while I am slow so we will be walking at the same time.

Chris sees my smile falter and my face fall slightly.

“You are a special case,” he reminds me.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

“Ali’s bone is a lot stronger.”

“What you lack in bone you make up for in muscle,” Ali adds.

Chris tells me again to be patient.

“I’m not very good at that,” I say biting my lip.

“I’m learning that,” he says with a laugh.

During my afternoon session with Nicole in the other gym I smash out 45minutes of cardio and an arm workout.

If this is the Biggest Loser house then there is no way I am going to be eliminated. Ali and I joke we could form an alliance and pick off the oldies.

At our third weight loading session Ali tells us Daniel is at 40kg. It’s only his second day.

I look at Chris.

“Don’t listen,” he says with a smile.

“You’re doing great.”

I am so grateful to have him working with me. He is such a nice guy and an expert at his job. He can read people in an instant and is so professional and yet personable at the same time and on top of everything every minute of the day.

The phone rings. It’s Stephan.

We have a plan. He’s coming on Tuesday to fit us with our legs. I will be walking on Tuesday. It hit me this morning that it would be happening soon but to hear a concrete day is beyond exciting. It still doesn’t feel real really. I can’t wipe the grin off my face. At the same time I feel nervous and unexplainably want to cry. Damn being a girl with all these girlie emotions.

Later I confess to Chris that I am nervous.

“Why? This is what you have been waiting for?”

I tell him I am nervous how my bone will go.

“We can only cross that bridge when we come to it. There is no use worrying about it until then.”

“It won’t just break will it?” I ask nervously.

He smiles. “I hope not.”

“You’ll be fine, you just need to relax. We’re not going to make you run up and down the corridors on the first day.”

“Oh so there will be no climbing mountains on the first day?”

“No we’ll say that to the second day,” he says with a grin.

Four more sleeps until I take my first cyborg steps.


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