New Years Resolutions

My life couldn’t be more different to this time last year.

A year ago I was unhealthy, overweight, walking was a struggle and I had never heard of osseointegration.

Now I am 22kg lighter, fitter and healthier than I have ever been and a fully fledged cyborg who will be walking in a few days.

This year I plan to make the most of my new found cyborg status and utilize it to its capacity.

I plan to use it to open up doors of activities previously shut to me.


My resolutions are first and foremost to walk with my new leg. To walk unaided is just the beginning.

I want to get back to the level of activity I was doing at the gym and hopefully surpass it, as things will be easier.

I want to ride a road bike, climb Mt Coolum, and do the 5 or 10km events in the Mooloolaba Marathon, Noosa Tri and Bridge to Brisbane. I may be just walking them but that in itself will feel like a huge achievement.

With my new waterproof beach leg going to the beach will no longer be a struggle. Before sand was a nightmare. Any uneven ground is a huge difficulty for an amputee and sand is amongst the hardest terrains. But this will hopefully be a thing of the past and getting in and out of the water a breeze.

I want to try stand-up paddle boarding and take long walks along the esplanade.

And this time next year, this struggling on crutches will long be a distant memory and my life will again look very different.

Bring on 2013.


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