And so it begins…

This time my vision is less blurry and I have no tactical mini-movie like visions to keep me entertained as I fall asleep but the drugs still have a way to get to me.

I wake up in the middle of the first night and again I am struck with an overwhelming desire to pour out love to everyone. I need to tell people how much I love them and I can’t help but text, Facebook and Tweet my friends.

Seems I didn’t learn from the first time that drugs and social media shouldn’t mix.

I am powerless to stop it. I’m like a happy, loving drunk. This time it is a different group of recipients. I can’t explain it, I just felt drawn to tell these people their strengths and how much they mean to me. It is less about reconnecting and more about reaffirming.

Turns out the drugs knew what they were doing as for some it was the very thing they needed to hear.

The world would be a more loving, kinder place if we were all on ketamine.


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