A Cute Physio Helps With Weight Loading

From the moment I wake up I guzzle water. There is no way I am having a repeat of yesterday so I want to be well hydrated before the physio comes for my first weight loading session.

It’s Sunday so Nat and Jenny are off but Chris, the physio who will be working with me during my stint in rehab, will stop by for today’s session.

Hmm Mum’s dream of me meeting my future partner in hospital might just come true, is my first thought when he enters the room. He is by far the best candidate as the leading man in Mum’s romantic hopes for me.

With a Ryan Reynolds/ Dave Annable, look to him he is really rather cute. I instantly brighten up.

He chats to me throughout our session to distract me from the loading process. He has worked with Jaime and tells me all about the process and what to expect when I get to rehab in a few weeks.

He talks about Jaime being amazing and inspirational and up for anything.

“I’ll do anything you tell me to,” I promise him with a smile.

I hope it doesn’t sound too suggestive.

He tells me I am going well and I beam.

I want to casually ask if he will be spending Christmas with his girlfriend but I am not smooth like that. His relationship status is yet to be confirmed.

My friend S is visiting me today and when she arrives the nurse is changing my wound dressing. It is probably a rather confronting sight but like a pro she doesn’t let her reaction show in the slightest.

We sit in the café and chat for hours and it almost doesn’t feel like we are even in a hospital. We gossip about boys and I tell her about the cute new physio.

She is still here by the time my second loading comes around so she gets to glimpse him for herself. She gives me an approving nod and a conspiratory smile.

Mum and Dad are here for my third session and the minute Chris leaves the room Mum turns to me.

“He has such dreamy eyes. Is he single?”

At that minute he returns to pick up a piece of paper he left in the room.

Like an embarrassed teenager I hope he hasn’t heard.

“You need to find him on Facebook and find out,” Mum urges me.

“You’re a journalist, surely you can find out this stuff.”

Dad just laughs and we roll our eyes.

Ah, mum the matchmaker.

It’s my first time doing three lots of loading in a day and at night I am overcome with nausea and a bad headache. Dinner goes uneaten.

Chris had told me earlier there would likely be quite a bit of pain and discomfort for the next couple of months as I continue to do new things and use my leg in a different way.

He said not to try and be brave and ride out the pain I might have as that would only hinder my recovery and prevent me from loading again the next day so I ask the nurse for a painkiller when the pain sets in. The tip of my leg is on fire and with sizzles of pain.

I cry a little. It’s going to be a tough road ahead but I just have to be strong.

It doesn’t last long for as soon as that pill slips down my throat, I feel instantly floaty and sleepy.

Mmmm gotta love those drugs.

-Mmmm drugs

-Mmmm drugs


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