I have only been out of hospital a week when I get my first visitor. My friend M has flown down to spend four days with me.

While I couldn’t wait to see her, during the days leading up to her visit I was a little nervous. M and I are always doing things, trips to the movies, out to dinner, gigs, theme parks and other assorted adventures. Since getting out of hospital I was still quite tired and not very mobile.  I was getting around on crutches but for longer outings I needed the wheelchair. I was worried she was flying all this way to spend time in Sydney and would soon grow bored when I couldn’t do very much.

She assured me this wouldn’t be the case as she wasn’t coming down to be a tourist in the city but to spend time with me and didn’t mind if all we did was sit around the house and chat.

Like often is the case for me, I worry for nothing and the weekend turned out perfectly. We were still able to go to the movies, (I dragged her against her will to see Breaking Dawn, who can say no to someone in a wheelchair) she pushed me around the shops and we had a jaunt down to Bondi to go to the markets and catch up with my brother.

It’s nice to know I have friends that love me and it gave me just enough of a reminder of my old life and enough of a taste to keep me going.


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