Sleeping Is The Worst

For the most part I haven’t been experiencing too much discomfort. At times there are some intense spasms of pain but they don’t tend to last too long.

The worst is sleeping. It’s a whole different story.

While in hospital and for the first week or so of being home I would wake up each hour and have to shift positions, as my leg would become cramped. An hour on each side was about as long as I could last.

But then it started to become worse.  I think it’s after I stop taking the drugs which make me drowsy. I just can’t get comfortable in any position at all. My leg cramps up and sleep evades me. I toss and turn but it’s no use.

Sitting up or lying on the couch is fine but as soon as I get into bed, the pain burns hot and there is no position that alleviates it.

I snatch sleep where I can and try not to watch the clock as it slowly ticks towards morning.


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