Semi Normal Life Again

As each day passes I am becoming more and more independent and able to get closer to how my life normally is.

I am still crazy tired all the time and become overwhelmed with drowsiness the moment I sit on the couch to watch a DVD or try to read. But things are slowly improving.


I was able to do some weights at home the other day and then I tested out at the gym whether I could sit and ride a spin bike. I managed for 20 minutes and have never felt so glad to be sweaty.

Two and a half weeks after the surgery, today I am trying out doing RPM for the first time. I’m a little unsure whether I will be able to survive the 45minute class but I’m willing to give it a go. During my hospital stay the nurses had continuously told me my heart rate was low which was a sign I was quite fit. I had felt immense satisfaction in hearing this and no doubt think my recovery was aided by my level of fitness. I don’t want to lose this so I am determined to keep the exercise up during my recovery.

It was a tough class and at first I felt incredibly uncomfortable but I did it and as the last track played a feeling of accomplishment flooded over me.

I had done it.

The trainer gave me a smile as she shook her head and said how inspiring I was. For the first time I actually believed it.


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