The other night at the movies I caught my crutch on one of the metal poles that hold the rope for the box office line. At the time I felt a jolt of pain as my stump jerked up but it had settled down during the movie.

The next day my leg is throbbing. The tip feels like it is on fire and is being jabbed with volts of electricity. I can barely concentrate the pain is so bad. It had only been this bad a few times in the early days after the operation so I am a little concerned.

It gets worse that night and as I lie, my stump pulsating in pain I want to call a friend to chat in order to take my mind off the pain. I worry it’s too late and don’t want to wake anyone up so I grit my teeth and ride it out.

In the morning I give Dr Al Muderis a call. The wound looks fine, there is no redness or swelling so I don’t think there is an infection but it feels hot to touch and the pain is quite unbearable.

He doesn’t seem too worried but wants me to come for a check-up all the same. He make an appointment for three days time so I feel somewhat relieved that it’s not too serious. I just hope it means my bone is doing some serious fusing.


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