My head is still pounding and the thought of food is still making my stomach turn but my beautiful friend T is visiting with her Mum so I put on my best peppy attitude and smile and try to ignore the nausea rising in my stomach.

It’s a good day and her visit is a welcome distraction but the moment I get home I collapse onto the couch exhausted.

I worry I shouldn’t be this tired at this stage but I guess I have to remember I have just had pretty major surgery and am still withdrawing from drugs.

Mum hands me a package that has arrived in the mail.

I notice my best friend C’s handwriting and my spirits lift.


Inside I find the most beautiful, thoughtful gift. She has made me an activity scrapbook complete with craft activities, word searches using words that relate to us, colouring in of pictures of us she has taken the colour out of and fill in the gap puzzles all with a heavy hand of her wicked sense of humour. She has also packaged together all the items needed to complete the various craft activities.

There is so much work in the book, it would have taken hours. I am touched.

It is such a beautiful surprise I completely forget all about my headache and nausea.


One thought on “Package

  1. My guilt for sending your parcel so late disappeared as I read of its arrival time on such a weary day. Tears rolling down my face!

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