Fingers Crossed

Last week with a bundle of nerves and trepidation I had emailed the boss to update him on my progress, let him know the setback and pretty much beg for some more time off.

I figured they had already given me this much time off so they wouldn’t fire me for asking for an extra three weeks off  but I knew they wouldn’t be too happy with the situation either.

I stated my case and crossed my fingers as I hit send on the email.

I got a short reply not long later that he would talk to payroll about it.

I hoped for the best.

Today I heard back that not only has my leave been approved but it will be covered by my annual leave and I will barely have to go into any holiday debt.

Relief and gratitude descend upon me.

I am so grateful for the companies’ understanding and support. If this hadn’t been the case this process would have been an entirely different scenario.

I feel very lucky.



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