It’s the Friday before D day on Monday and disaster has struck.

I was at the gym this morning; having just completed RPM and I was doing some abs work on the mats. I wasn’t doing anything crazy, just some planks when I rolled to the side and a searing pain shot through my knee.

I felt instantly nauseas as I realized my knee-cap had popped out. My worst fear had been dislocating my knee while I was already on crutches and now it had happened.

I lay on the mat trying not to pass out and trying to move my leg. It wasn’t budging. Panic swam through my veins.

I managed to push it back into place with a sickening click. And lay on my back in a panicked state of pain. I called my Mum who was downstairs in the change room and tried to get the words out.

“Are you ok?” She asked worriedly.

“No, my knee,” I uttered.

Thankfully I could stand and crutch down the stairs. I don’t know what I would have done if I couldn’t as I was already on crutches.

I had a bit of pain but it seems sturdy and strong. I’ve been icing it continually so hopefully it will be ok.

I’m so relieved it only happened two days before the operation and not weeks before.

Seems a week’s rest in hospital is just what I need.



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