Bad News

Today Ali gave me a call. She’s still in hospital but she’s hoping to be released on the weekend.

We chat and laugh and then she hits me with the bad news.

Due to Christmas and the doctor’s not wanting her to fly home too soon after surgery, her second stage has had to be delayed. The same goes for Daniel.

I am gutted. Devastated. I was so excited at the prospect of having someone to do rehab with. To have someone there going through the same thing as me, but now I will be all alone.

I hold it together during the phone call but afterwards I have a mini break-down.

Suddenly it all seems so unfair. Not only will they have each other but I’m a little jealous. This sounds horrible and probably is but because of their accidents they all have insurance payouts that allows them to get the top end legs. The computer ones worth $70,000. But since I am paying for it I can’t have anything so high tech. I just feel that it is unfair for those that are born without a limb, they have to suffer just as much, we still don’t have a leg but yet we are given no help.

I know it’s unfair to think like this but tonight I can’t help it. Life just seems so unfair sometimes.


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