If you ever need reminding how much your friends love you, I recommend embarking on some osseointegration surgery.

I have been humbled and flawed with gratitude by the support my friends have shown me. Their enthusiasm and excitement has fuelled my own and again and again reassured me I am doing the right thing.

Since moving to the Sunshine Coast a couple of years ago I have wanted to climb Mt Coolum. But with my leg as it currently is, that is nothing but a pipe dream with the pain and level of difficulty just too much.

But with my new cyborg leg that is one of the first things I want to tick off when I return.

All my friends have promised to come along to cheer me on with this feat, my very own Everest. Rather than a climb of a small hill, with the amount of support they have shown me, it feels like a much bigger achievement.

On my last weekend M hands me a package she has prepared. It’s a hospital pack equipped with all the things I will need during my stay. There’s a teddy bear, a couple of magazines, some lollies and a framed photo of the two of us taken when we went to Big Brother. Not normally the sentimental type she has written a heartfelt message on the card and gives me a big hug. I am touched.

Flatmate 1 and his girlfriend take me out to breakfast on my last day and hand me their gift with a grin.

I am taken aback with their generosity and thoughtfulness. Inside I find photos, cyborg themed dvds, perfume, jewelry and reading material to fill the recovery period.

Then they grin wider and hand me what thy refer to as the piece de resistance of the present.

It’s a framed photo of me as cybrog, complete with a machine gun leg (the picture you see adorning this very blog).

This is one very lucky cyborg to have such great friends.


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