Living The Life

I’ve been home nearly a month and surprisingly the time has flown. Like a lady of luxury my days have been filled with pleasantries such as the gym and trips to the movies.

Despite my nerves I have been able to keep my independence (although I still feel16 again.)

My mornings are filled with a two-hour gym session where I have discovered I can almost do everything I used to. Can’t quite do all the classes but I can do RPM and Boxing if I balance my stump on a stool.

In spite of Mum’s reservations I convinced her to let me crutch from the gym to the bus stop to catch the bus home when she is at work. I think she was nervous after she busted me using my crutches to propel off and do flying karate kicks.

After catching the bus daily, I promise to never take my car for granted again. Just yesterday a guy on the bus spilled his bourbon on me (it was the middle of the day) and a teenage girl asked me to check her hair for non-existent spiders.

It’s hard work crutching after a work-out but I feel triumphant in my independence. I have even managed to catch the bus to the shopping centre where I buy myself some lunch and see a movie before catching a bus home. It’s not a bad life really.

Maxi dresses have become my new best friends, as when I am crutching you can’t tell I am missing my leg. People just think I am injured.

It’s been interesting seeing people’s reactions and it has surprised me how unhelpful people can be when they see someone with crutches. Just the other day I got to the bus stop and three obese girls were sitting on the bench and it took them 10 minutes for one of them to offer their seat to the girl on crutches. And just yesterday on the bus no one offered me a seat, they just averted their eyes while I crutched past to the back of the bus.

Other people are more helpful. At the cinema today the young guy at the ticket booth was particularly chatty.

He asked me how I had injured my leg.

I tossed up whether to tell him the story but figured it was far too complicated for a brief encounter.

I just sort of shrugged and said “oh you know.”

It seems he didn’t.

“What happened?”

I decided to go with a semi lie.

“I dislocated my knee.”


Oh god, he wasn’t giving up.

“Um I was washing the car and I fell in a drain.” It wasn’t a complete lie, it had happened to me only it was seven years ago.

“Oh no! My sister dislocated her knee and it was very painful! Let me know if there is anything at all I can help you with,” he said with a smile.

I thanked him and crutched away hoping he wouldn’t notice that my injured leg was in fact not actually there at all.


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