I have spent my entire life trying to resist the ‘disabled’ tag. I don’t want your pity, I may want some understanding from time to time but never pity.

I’ve been finding it hard being so visibly disabled but more so having to rely so heavily on other’s help. I am a fiercely independent person so this has been quite an adjustment.

Mum and Dad have been great carrying things for me and helping with anything I struggle with, but I find myself getting frustrated with strangers offering to help.

I know they are only being friendly and the gesture is lovely but I still find it hard to take.

Today a lady offered to help me off my bike at the end of RPM class and I dismissed her and then Mum was dropping me off at the shopping centre when a lady rushed to the car to help open the door for me.

“I’m fine, I can do it myself,” I practically snapped at her.

I felt instantly bad but still frustrated. Independence you will be welcomed back with open arms.


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