My parents drove up to pick me up so I could pack as much stuff as I needed (thank goodness as it turned out I ‘needed’ quite a few suitcases worth of stuff!).

Driving away and watching the Sunshine Coast fade into the distance was a weird feeling, Knowing I wouldn’t be coming back to life as I knew it, I was almost farewelling my old life.

It was during our over night stop in Yamba that Mum and Dad told me the bad news.

They sat with me on the edge of the bed and uttered a sentence that always feels me with dread.

“We have something to tell you.”

Looking that their faces I could tell it wasn’t good news.

“We got a call earlier this morning from Dr Al Muderis.”

My heart sunk. A thousand awful scenarios swam before my eyes.

“He’s just heard from Germany and the production of your part has been delayed. It won’t arrive until the 26th of October so they have had to push your surgery back 12 days.”

There was a flicker of relief that it wasn’t canceled but also a heavy disappointment.

I could have worked another week or so, there were concerts I could have seen before I left and what about work, will they left me have two weeks extra off?

But like being born with one leg, there is nothing I can do but accept it and make the best of the situation. At least this way I can have a mini holiday where I will still be able to walk before I can’t wear my leg and have to get around on crutches.

I’m sure there is a reason why I wasn’t supposed to be operated on the 17th.


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