Crutch Disasters

To say my toy poodle is not a fan of my crutches is like saying ice is cold. He hates them. Whenever I crutch anywhere near him he instantly jumps up and scuttles away, tail down.

The other day he got the nerve to jump up on me while I was on the crutches. He likes to jump up and cling onto your leg while you give him a pat. I was wearing my usual maxi dress and he jumped up to cuddle my right leg. He instantly slid down since there wasn’t one there. He jumped back with a look of shock and almost horror on his face.  I had scared the poor dog.

Just when he was starting to become a little braver I accidently dropped a crutch I had lent against the dining room table and it crashed down right near his head. He shot up and across the room in sheer terror.

But the closest call to a crutch disaster came the other night when I was visiting H. H’s pride and joy is his massive TV that is almost the size of a theatre screen.

I was sitting on the couch and went to grab my crutches to get up. I lost control of one of them and it came crashing down missing the TV by mere centimetres.  My heart leapt into my throat, this had been my biggest fear in visiting H as I knew he wouldn’t forgive me if I damaged any of his electronics.

Later that night he texted me asking if my crutch had hit anything. I panicked, thinking something mustn’t have been working.

Turns out he was just looking for an excuse to buy a new computer. But strangely enough since then I haven’t been invited over.


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