Self Pity

I really do try not to get my disability get me down. Ever since I was a little kid Mum would tell me to be grateful for what I did have and not concentrate on what I didn’t. I know there are plenty of people worse off then me but sometimes I can’t help it, it all just gets to me.

The other night I was doing my hip and stump exercises and with each movement I could feel the uncomfortable grinding of bone on bone. Click, click, click.

I couldn’t take it anymore and I broke down and cried. Like a tsunami the self-pity washed over me as I curled into a ball. Why must this be my lot in life? Why did I have to be the one born with one leg and not the kid in the crib next to me? Why must I be the one with this extra difficulty to deal with?

But like a street directory with a chunk of missing pages I know this self-pity will get me nowhere.

I am lucky to be given the chance to have this operation that will change my life and while I may never know what it is to live a normal life with two legs this will be the closet I will come and that is something to be grateful for.


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