Tonight on Big Brother Stacey and Bradley had a fight. It had started as all of a bit of a joke with him teasing her about her age and she laughing along, until a point and suddenly she snapped.

Later what she said to Big Brother in the diary room struck a cord with me.

She told him that while she loved to laugh and joke around and was always so upbeat, she had a limit. And there was a point where the comments actually hurt. She felt since she was always laughing and having fun people assumed she was almost invincible against taking offence at joke like comments.

I feel the same way. I don’t take myself seriously and am often the first person to laugh at myself. I love a joke and there is not a great deal that will offend me but I have a limit. Some of the comments my friends say as a joke actually do hurt, I just never let anyone see that.


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