With my new hardware soon to be installed I am essentially about to become a cyborg. I like the term. Like the shark attack story it makes me feel powerful, special somehow rather than just disabled which is a label I have never felt particularly comfortable about.

My friends all embraced the tag with gusto but every time I have mentioned it to my parents they seem a little uneasy about it.

I don’t think Mum thinks I am being very nice about myself and Dad and my brother don’t think I will legitimately fit the category of a cyborg. Dad seemed fixated on the Cybermen from Doctor Who and the Six Million Dollar Man which he believes I will be as far from as a mouse is to a bird.

So it was time to go to the expert in all things robotic. I called my friend H to discuss just what a cyborg was and whether in fact I would be one.

We knuckled down the definition that a cyborg was essentially a human with bionic, or robotic implants. A fusion of man and machine, where flesh and metal meet.

Since I will have a metal rod inserted which will fuse with my own bone and attach to a robotic part of sorts I feel comfortable with the assertion that I will indeed be a cyborg.

I guess in a few weeks it will be farewell to an existence as a human and time for a new chapter as a cyborg. I may not be quite like the Cybermen or the Six Million Dollar Man but they could be considered my cousins.


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