Cruel Comments

I know most people don’t mean to be cruel or hurtful with their comments but sometimes even people I consider close friends say things that like a knife cut deep. The wound might not bleed but it hurts just the same.

At lunch the other day one of the girls said with horrified fascination that she had never seen a stump before.

“I dunno it might creep me out,” she added.

I know she didn’t mean to hurt me nor disrespect me at all but there is nothing like someone implying that your body is hideous to ruin your afternoon.

Then there was the first time I told another friend about my hand. He knew about my leg and we had discussed the operation in great detail but he had never noticed my missing finger or scar on my hand.

When I pointed it out I saw a look horror pass over his eyes and he flinched. It was only brief but it was there. I suddenly felt incredibly awkward and exposed.


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